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There,s a bug with downloading the game i now how to fix it

step 1

 place youre game and youre unityplayer.dll and unitycrashhandeler and split decision datta on to ure desktop

step 2

right click on ure game and hold youre mouse on to "kopy to" press on to

compressed zipped folder 

step 3

 then a folder will apear give it youre game name and dubbel click on the folder to open it then place  unityplayer.dll unitycrashhandeler and  split decision datta in there and wala if u dubbel click on the file who has ure game name a download folder wile apear and if u follow wat the folder says you downloaded the game 

step 4 

upload tha new folder in to and people cane download it :)

Thank you for the instructions, it should hopefully work now!